Student Loans & Consolidation

Student Loans & Consolidation

Let's face it. Whether you're entering the workforce or heading into another year of post-secondary education, government loans and summer job savings don't always cut it when it comes to education costs. An OMISTA Credit Union financial advisor understands you don't have time to stress about financial limitations while in school... or dread credit card and other debt after graduating.


We can show you the benefits of an OMISTA Credit Union student loan and consolidation. As a full time student you only pay the monthly interest. You can also combine all of your current and future debts into one easy to manage monthly payment. That empowers you to take control of my education and your financial future.

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You are eligible for up to $6500/year and up to a total of $26,000. If you decide to carry your education to the post-graduate level, you are eligible for additional funds.

As long as you're a full-time student, you only pay monthly interest

Payments only start six months after leaving your educational institution

You have up to ten years to repay your loan

A co-signer may be needed to qualify a student for a loan


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You can do a loan comparison, generate a monthly payment schedule or calculate your loan amount, monthly payment and examine your payments by balance and interest by clicking here.