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How do you make solid financial decisions, while making the place you live even better? It starts with becoming a customer at a Credit Union. Join more than 5 million customers who believe that being good with money means so much more.


Top 10 Reasons to Bank Local

1. Locally-owned

Credit Unions are owned by the people we serve so you’ll enjoy our focused approach committed to providing you with local in-house decision making and support. As neighbours, living and working in the same community, we offer all the financial services you require with an importance difference - pride in knowing all monies stay here working for the economic benefit and wellbeing of our shared communities.

2. Everyone Gets Our Best

Regardless of account size, every one of our customers is entitled to our very best. We treat all of our customers equally, so there’s no need to second guess whether you’ve received the best we can offer. Simply put, everyone gets our best.

3. Full Line of products and Services

Credit Unions offer all the products and services that big banks do but with a difference. And what’s more, we don’t replace personal service with technology, quite the opposite; we use technology to make personal service better.

4. Convenient Account Access

We make banking easy and convenient by providing you with a variety of services that allow you to access and manage your money anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Ding free ATMs, secure online banking, e-mail money transfer, and a network of branch locations across the country are just some of the ways you can access your Credit Union accounts.

5. Credit Union Financial Experts

Financial matters can be complicated. OMISTA's financial service experts provide solutions to empower you to make the best decisions for your financial future. Our focused approach will help you navigate your unique situation and make your life a little less complicated. No obligations and no strings – just sound advice.

6. Award-winning Customer Service

Credit Union customer satisfaction consistently ranks higher than banks. As a Credit Union customer you’re entitled to nothing less than our best. It’s not uncommon to claim great service, but we’ve got the satisfaction surveys and national service excellence awards to prove it.

7. Paying It Forward

We believe our relationship with our customers goes beyond our full range of financial services and expert advice. Credit Unions believe in improving the quality of life in the communities in which we operate and where our customers live, work, and raise families.                

8. Safe and Secure

The safety of your money and investments is important. Rest assured, your money is always protected at a Credit Union. Safe, secure, and insured with NBCUDIC.

9. People Before Profit

Credit Unions are unique from other financial institutions in that they are not owned by shareholders; they're owned by you. As an owner, you can take pleasure in knowing that it's not wealthy shareholders who dictate what happens with your money, it's you and people like you.

10. Member-owned

Don't let “membership” scare you. It simply means you have a say in some of the activities of your Credit Union, should you want it. It also means you are treated with the same respect and importance as everyone else.

At OMISTA Credit Union our efforts are firmly focused on you. The result is a relationship based on a common goal: your financial success.

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