Class AAA Preferred Shares (Series 2)

Preferred Shares

Exclusive Investment Opportunity for OMISTA Members

For a limited time, OMISTA is offering a members-only opportunity to invest in Class AAA Preferred Shares (Series 2). 

A set amount of OMISTA Class AAA Shares will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis with a minimum return of 7.2%* on a three-year investment. TFSA and non-registered funds are eligible.
Banking Local with OMISTA means that while your investment helps your finances grow it is also an investment in the economic future of your community.

Share Details

Up to 20,000 shares at $100 each are available to members only.

Purchase Details

A minimum of 10 shares, up to a maximum 500 shares per member may be purchased, both for individuals and corporations.


Three-year fixed term with potential rollover. Dividend rate adjusts every three years.


Redeemable at par value plus accumulated dividends, with conditions.

Sale period

July 8 - July 29, 2024†


A guaranteed minimum return of 7.2%*

Maturity Date

July 28, 2027

This is a limited-time offer; contact us today.

†Sale may end sooner if maximum approved number of shares are sold prior to July 29, 2024.

* Additional conditions apply. Sale may end without notice. Annual return rate is BOC prime as of sale closing date + a minimum of 0.5%. RRSP and RRIF excluded. Contact us for full details at, 506.858.7206, 506.458.8844.

This summary provides key points of the offering and terms for potential investors. The full Disclosure Statement is provided prior to purchase and available upon request at any time.