Business Savings

Savings Accounts and Investments


Your Business Savings Account

Maximize interest on your business savings with OMISTA’s Your Business Savings Account. The three-tiered interest structure maximizes interest as your savings grow. The higher your account balance, the higher the rate of return on your money.


  • No minimum balance required
  • Interest calculated daily on closing balance and paid monthly*

Term Deposits and Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)

Wheather you want to maximize the earning potential on short term funds or invest for a longer period, we offer investment products with terms ranging from thirty days to five years, and a guarantee of your future interest.

Investment Savings Account

The rate of return on the Investment Savings Account has historically outperformed OMISTA's other savings accounts.  The interest rate is based on OMISTA's performance throughout the year, allowing your business to share in your Credit Union's profits.
No minumum balance required
Interest calculated on your minimum monthly balance and paid annually

*View our rates section for current interest rates