Credit Unions in the News

I saw a CBC story where Credit Union employees say they were pressured to meet sales targets. Does that mean Credit Unions are the same as the banks? Expand/Collapse

No.  While OMISTA offers many of the same financial products and services as banks, our fundamental approach to how we do business is different.  Do Credit Unions have business goals?  Of course we do.  It would be irresponsible if we didn’t.  But the way we meet and exceed those targets is what makes the difference.  We’re not driven by surpassing our last quarter’s earnings.  We are driven by people, not profits.  By encouraging OMISTA employees to have appropriate conversations with members about financial planning and related matters, it can help members save money, plan for life events, invest in their future or grow a business.  Credit Unions put the financial well-being of their members first.  The success of OMISTA, by definition, is a reflection of our success in serving our owners: OMISTA members.  When Credit Unions are strong and healthy, members and local communities benefit.

Would OMISTA employees agree that our approach is different? Expand/Collapse

Employees tell us all the time that they recognize our members are more than customers and that they are more than a sale or a bottom line.  They are not an upsell or a product.  They’re our neighbors, our elementary school teachers, and local shop owners.  OMISTA members work hard and we, in turn, work hard for them.  Their financial well-being means strong and more prosperous communities, which benefits us all.
Would you like to talk to us about this, or any other questions you have about OMISTA Credit Union?  Just contact us.  We look forward to speaking with you.